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Poultry Farming for Nigerians

Written By Arthur king peters on Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | 11:45

How Farmers Can Throw money away Easily Without Learning

This is a lucrative business inside Nigeria if properly managed from inception as well as the market is right now there, ready made. There are ovum traders who go out of Lagos to in terms of Shagamu and Ibadan and beyond to find eggs. Frozen chicken will be big business inside Nigeria but smuggled in to the country as it really is officially banned around the Import Prohibition Record. These show that there are a gap available in the market to be loaded. Besides these, there are some other investment opportunities on the market besides the grinding aspect. There is obviously room for a fresh entrant into any part of the business.

Today, I want to talk about how a sloppy farmer can lose money available without knowing until it really is probably too overdue. There is a written report on this website titled ‘Viability Examination Report’ which explains the expense of operations for the setup of your small chicken farmville farm of 1000 tiers for egg creation.
The report furthermore explains how ovum production work my partner and i. e. the general principle in egg production (a chicken will lay down an egg a day for 24 months) as well as the several exceptions (reasons why it is not necessarily actually so & the actual position). It also explains tips on how to forecast a realizable ovum production and income estimate from your given number regarding chickens. It can be an important report first of all who need to know the figures. Details inside the first blog submit below titled ‘Poultry Grinding: Basics for Entrepreneurs. ’

Before you go create a chicken level farm, you should comprehend the natty-gritty regarding egg production because there exists a loop that the farm staff can easily exploit to pants pocket your money and you may not know. It is advised that the master of the farm be there to control his farm or perhaps maintain very shut supervision if he could be an absentee operator.
If he can be an absentee owner, the farm manager has to be a honest and also trusted person. His operational competence can be important. If your manager/farm staff just isn't honest and makes use of the loop (one of many exceptions) inside egg production in your own disadvantage, you then are on the particular losing end. It is a clear fact then one prime reason exactly why some chicken harvesting have closed straight down especially those held by absentee masters.

If you comprehend egg production general rule and its particular 6 exceptions, you'll be able to tackle the loop to cut back egg pilferage for the barest minimum and also make maximum earnings. The Viability report is made for those that are really interested available and need the particular figures.

If the master cannot be offered to supervise his purchase and cannot get yourself a trusted manager, usually do not do the enterprise. Before you create a chicken farmville farm, you must comprehend the exceptions inside egg production as well as the loop that can make you lose money as well as the remedies. Then deal with the issue regarding who supervises the particular farm. If the staff cannot take eggs without an individual knowing, there are other avenues they are going to try. I can explain them afterwards. However, do not become discouraged from doing the business enterprise. But knowing beforehand the advantages and disadvantages help so you are aware how to run the business enterprise more profitably.

You must have a good document keeping system which assits you know how the particular farm is standing up financially at virtually any point. What you are to help keep record of about daily basis continues to be explained in the particular layer report (How to create and operate any profitable layer hen farm in Nigeria: Any Beginner’s Guide).
Next, when you observe that you will be losing money, you should know what exactly goes wrong. One with the common reasons will be egg pilferage simply by farm staff. If egg losses usually are not controlled, it can ruin a big farm where tiny drops make a great ocean.

If there is a small backyard farm producing lower than 10 crates everyday but a farmville farm staff steals a crate per day valued at N700. 00, the loss is N21000. 00 month to month. If the fraud continues on unchecked, within month or two, the farm can be financially distressed because of this. That is any sure fact!

This is exactly why I say the owner should know the way egg production works in order to reduce egg losses for the barest minimum even when he is offered to manage his farmville farm. It is if the farmer understands the device that he can devise a fix to check loss. The solution can be a simple common perception application that any person can apply. You will need common sense on this business.
If you might have 1000 healthy, well fed layer chickens on the peak of production along with your farm manager offers you an average everyday egg production record stating 20 crates and you also believe just that way, then you will be the one working to your manager.

Then a handle system should be applied to check abuses by farm employees. You should comprehend the mentality in which farm staff show and how it could adversely affect farmville farm fortunes. There are several major atrocities hen dishonest farm staff do that may ruin a farmville farm. Staff recruitment, supervision and monitoring is very important. Engage staff it is possible to trust. The supervision i. e who deals with the farm can be a crucial factor to success because if you put every one of the factors in spot but have unskilled, untrustworthy staff responsible, the farm may well fail.

Another report will be written, that will highlight in more detail about 20 or maybe more essential variables to take into account in the hen farming business, in addition to the major atrocities deceitful farm staff commit that will adversely affect the business enterprise, and how to handle them to stop losses. The report may also discuss the things to consider before setting up an outdoor farm in a property. Many backyard farmers have problems and several have been frustrated available. How some deceitful consultants rip off starters is likewise highlighted in the particular report.

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  1. Very nice and informative blog. Poultry farming is absolutely a lucrative business. I always search for this types of news and blog post related to poultry birds and poultry farming business. Really enjoyed your website writings.
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  2. mr Arthur King i know u have a lot of experience in pourltry farming. pls can u help me with concrete poultry business plan or proposer.
    Thanks. My Email addrs (ogarteetotal@yahoo.com)

  3. Thanks for sharing this piece. Can you help one develop a poultry farming business plan?


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