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Poultry Farming The reasons why some Nigerians are unsuccessful.

Written By Arthur king peters on Sunday, 2 December 2012 | 12:15

The reasons why some Nigerians be unsuccessful.

Poultry business is possible in Nigeria. You can try it but will need to understand the rules first before investing anything at all. Do not play false, unfounded stories with regards to the business. There are so-called ‘experts’ who have got not done this business but are discouraging others influenced by hearsay.

The initial 6-8 weeks is very important in the life associated with a chicken requiring adequate and experienced working with. The brooding phase stands out as the foundation and what happens during this period can determine future results in the commercial. Getting it bad and loosing many chickens in any brooding phase is among the most reasons for failure in the commercial because high profits / losses can dampen one’s spirits.

If you can scale from your brooding phase correctly with minimum deprivation, the rest within the journey is not as difficult but requiring painstaking application of variables for you to must be conversant utilizing.

There are some other reasons why certain Nigerians have failed during this business. One stands out as the failure to run a feasibility study before beginning out. You should understand to project relating to realistic income requirement, feed estimation together with farm structures that can put up before setting up the farm it does not matter how small it really is.

if your monies can sustain 500 birds also, you set out utilizing 1000 birds due to excitement, without recognizing the feed value requirements, you may own serious problems during your studies which may end up in the collapse within the farm. Therefore, feasibility study may be very essential to knowledge far your monies can go.

for those who work your figures over the wrong assumption plenty of do that 500 hens will lay 500 eggs daily for 2 years, you will think up a false projection and on a wrong note. if your required wrong figures really don't come to truth of the matter, you may end up discouraged as some have inked. You should knowledge egg production figures work to arrive at a even more realistic/reliable projection.
Among the many reports on this web site named ‘Viability Analysis Report’ shows you the basics for egg production and easy methods to project a reasonable/realistic egg production and sales revenue estimates.

Another source of is that countless Nigerians like attempting to get free information together with hoping to thrive for it. There is very little free even during Freetown. As much as i have given valuable free specifications this blog, much more details vital for success in the commercial are in any poultry reports on this subject blog. What relating to for you without charge content here, despite the fact that valuable insights, is tip within the ice in the commercial.

Another main factor is when some sort of inexperienced starter decides going it alone without support with a consultant. You need a consultant to guide you in this private business. There are sensitive aspects an inexperienced starter is unable to handle without information.
Do not be scared of the rates as their provider is cheap and wont are priced at an arm or simply leg.

If you have quality information to assist you, you may have to spend it where crucial or pay a great deal more dearly for an individual's ignorance later as some have inked. A lady researching on line got to understand a layer particular breed that consumes significantly less and produces eggs on a higher rate and wanted to arrange that breed.
On the plus side, she came across this web site while looking for outcomes buy the particular breed in Lagos together with she sought our counsel to locate the breed for your girlfriend. That breed is supplied in Nigeria but tight. The breed produces eggs that will be a hard provide in Nigeria, not preferred by buyers during the Nigerian market.
She would have set away a poultry particular breed which eggs may have been difficult to dispose of and end away frustrated. Before adopting a good idea from the total, cross-check its applicability to your market. Not every information on line is correct or applicable to your market. There happen to be errors/falsehoods copied with site to webpage. Please take be aware of.

Another common factor is starting any farm with unfit chickens by buying chickens within the wrong sources the industry function of lack of knowledge. The fastest side of the road to disaster in the commercial is to get started with unhealthy chicks. You would probably have gone far within the business and consumed huge sums for resources(time, revenue, energy, efforts) leading to a ugly effects within the error begin that will manifest.

Another factor is that certain Nigerians prefer low priced service and quackery. They fall easily within the hands of quacks. During this business, there are certain parading as experts/consultants and tend to be just experienced poultry attendants who worked on poultry farms. Seriously, some of them have grown knowledgeable in the commercial.
There are some other reasons for catastrophe highlighted in other posts on this subject blog.

To be forewarned is going to be forearmed. Engage a poultry consultant or an expert farmer to guide you. Sometimes, it may are priced at a small service charge. Do not get penny-wise, pound-foolish, who will not pay a good paltry N5k for information designed to work the online business but will foolishly waste Nmillion doing unacceptable things in lack of knowledge, building on unacceptable foundation which could eventually collapse.

Another reason is that your particular Nigerian sees another Nigerian carrying out a business and next thing is to blindly dive into it without studying the terrain in the commercial to know what precisely works or doesn't work or how and the second is coping.
Get information just before you start the business. Do not dash off to into poultry harvesting because you can afford. If you dash off to in blindly, it's possible you'll rush out in your eyes wide receptive, and a smarter person after blowing much money, hard work.

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  2. joseph
    thanks mr Arthur king peters for the information. Pls i want to go into poultry biz(egg produtn). What ur advisé for me and what are ur challènges . pls let me get ur phone no

  3. Quite informative and educative information is shared on this blog. Thanks Admin. You may also take a look at my blog for poultry and fish farming below.

  4. To be successful in the poultry farming business, one has to follow all the due process


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